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Димитър Пецов

Dimitar Petzov

The "Golden Key" award went to Dimitar Petzov from the town of Silistra for his long-standing persistence in using the Access to Public Information Act (APIA) to shed light on how the local administration spends taxpayers' money.


This year his name became popular in the media after Petzov was detained by police officers who found an envelope with drugs in his car. The widely shared suspicion remains that this was a legally questionable response to the request for access to information that Petzov had filed, asking questions about food and beverage donations made to the Police in Silistra by an anonymous donor.


Petzov is the founder and administrator of a Facebook group called "Civil Control Silistra".







Sofia Klyuchkova from the town of Velingrad received an honorary diploma because despite her age of 78, she continues to exercise her right of access to information. She has been filing ATI requests since 2007 and has predominantly received the information she sought.


Sofia got access to documents regarding the illegal construction of a two-storey restaurant in the “Kleptuza” Natural Park. She further insisted that the Prosecutor's Office repels the order of the Regional Directorate for Construction Control – the body which legalized the construction in the protected area in the first place.



This year's second honorary diploma wento to Diana Boncheva from the town of Yambol for her activity as a long-term and persistent user of the APIA.


Thanks to her access to information requests, the situation was clarified around forthcoming gold mining operations in the area of the of Bolyarovo and Elhovo municipalities.

28 September – International Right To Know Day
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