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2013 Right to Know Day

The 2013 Golden Key award for a citizen who has most actively exercised their right of information was given to Mr. Georgi Serbezov from the town of Plovdiv. He has not only actively used the Access to Public Information Act (APIA) to obtain information of public interest, but has launched the web portal http://zdoi.gkzj.org/ that accumulates the Supreme Administrative Court decisions and rulings under the APIA, makes them easy for search and visible to Google. Mr. Serbezov launched the portal free of charge to assist citizens, NGOs, and journalists in their active exercise of the right of access to information when they seek defense of that right in court.
Mr. Georgi Serbezov received a DVD player as a present from Technopolis Bulgaria. 


Interview (in Bulgarian) with Mr. Serbezov in AIP Monthly FOI Newsletter: You Have to React, Regardless of a Battle With a Dubious Ending

2013 Right to Know Day

Mr. Dancho Zaverdzhiev from the town of Lovech was recognized with a Diploma as he has been actively using the APIA to obtain information about EU funded projects implemented by the municipality and other municipal budget spendings. By using the APIA, Mr. Zaverdzhiev has achieved the repealing of a 2012 decision of the Municipal Council of Lovech for determining unacceptable waste management tax for all residents of the Municipality of Lovech. 








Mr. Ivan Sapundzhiev from the town of Kuystendil was also recognized with a Diploma as his persistency in searching and obtaining information from the Mayor of Kuystendil resulted in the fining of the mayor by the court for not respecting a court decision to provide access to public information. The fine is of 500 BGN (apr. 250 Euro) per each week of delay. 

28 September – International Right To Know Day
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