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Николай Цветков с наградата

The Golden Key award for a citizen who has most actively exercised their right of information in 2012 is given to Mr. Nikolay Tsvetkov from the town of Varna. He has actively used the Access to Public Information Act to obtain information of public interest from Varna institutions and has persistently fought and stood up for the right of access to information. During the past year, Tsvetkov has contributed to the ceasing of negative practices of information provision within two institutions in Varna. As a result of his persistency and initiatives, the Municipality of Varna stopped to demand the personal identification number of citizens if they want to file access to information requests. Also, the Regional Directorate for National Construction Control – Varna stopped to collect access to information provision taxes, which were higher than the amounts prescribed by the law.  


Nikolay Tsvetkov received a DVD player as a present from Technopolis Bulgaria.

Иван Атанасов

Mr. Ivan Atanasov from the town of Harmanly was recognized with an Honorary Diploma in the category for 2012. He has made targeted efforts to increase the transparency of the institutions in the town of Harmanly and to improve the provision of public information. Ivan Atanasov has brought and won two access to information cases to court against refusals of the mayor of the Municipality of Harmanly – for information about the financial inspection carried out within the municipality and for the honoraria, travel expenses, and per diems paid to Law Offices in Sofia whose services the municipality used.





Вилям Попов

Mr. William Popov from Sofia was recognized with an Honorary Diploma in the category "Citizen who has most actively exercised their right of information." Mr. Popov has been active in the access to information field for years. His most recent contribution, however, is that he has successfully convinced the members of the parliamentary Temporary Inquiry Commission for the Investigation of Facts and Other Information Disseminated by the Media about a Lobbying Scandal Related to the Former Government and 1.5 mln. Euro paid to the Austrian Lobbyist Peter Hochegger to summon for testimony the President Georgi Parvanov. The reaction came as a result of documents and reports obtained with the help of APIA which William Popov presented as evidence to the parliamentary commission.

Mr. Ivan Dafinov, a citizen from the town of Kardzhali was also recognized with an Honorary Diploma. He has brought the fist access to information case to the Administrative court of Kardzhali. He challenged the refusal of the mayor to provide information about the collection and spending of the waste management tax in the region. On the base of the information obtained, he brought the matter to the National Audit Office and the Public Financial Inspection Agency.

28 September – International Right To Know Day
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