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The evaluation Criteria for the category "Institution, which has most efficiently organized the provision of public information" are:

  1. Has the institution assigned a FOI official/established an office as stipulated by the APIA?
  2. Is there a reading room for documents?Has the institution published information subject to active disclosure under Art.15 of the APIA?
    1. - description of its powers, as well as data on the organizational structure, the functions and the responsibilities of the administration.
      - list of the acts issued within the scope of its powers;
      - description of the data volumes and resources, used by the respective administration,
      - the name, the address, the telephone number and the working hours of the respective administration's office which is authorized to receive requests for access to public information.
  3. Is there an Access to Information section on the institution's web site as required by the APIA?
  4. Does the Access to Information online section contain the internal rules rof processing requests under the APIA?
  5. Does the section contain the annual report on the access to public information requests filed, containing data on the refusals made and the reasons therefor?
  6. Does the section contain the procedure for access to the public registers maintained by the institution?
  7. Positive practices in providing information – replies to oral requests; prompt answer to APIA requests; assisting the requestors in their search for information; disclosure of information after balancing competing interests; budget and activity report published.
  8. Does the institution accept electronically submitted information requests?
  9. Does the institution answer these requests?
  10. Is information provided electronically as well?
  11. Are the fees collected for the provision of information in compliance with Order No.1472 of the Ministry of Finance from November 29, 2011 for determining the fees for disclosure of public information?
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