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AIP launched the nomination process for the 2014 Right to Know Day Awards

To celebrate the International Right to Know Day, Access to Information Programme organizes and holds the annual Right to Know Day Awards Ceremony on September 28 since 2003.

The 2014 RKD Awards Ceremony will be held on 28 September 2014 (Sunday) at 12:30 pm (EET) at the EU House in Bulgaria (124 G.S. Rakovski Str., Sofia). 


The Right to Know Day Awards Ceremony is nationwide and is the climax of the Right to Know Day campaign in Bulgaria. On 28 September more than 100 attendees from all over the country gather to celebrate the Right to Know Day.


At the Ceremony, four Golden Key awards are presented to a citizen, an NGO, and a journalist who has most actively exercised their right to information; and to the institution which has most efficiently organized the provision of public information and has developed positive practices.

To dishonor bad practices of not respecting the right of access to information,AIP gives an anti-award for the most non-transparent institution (“Padlock”) and an anti-award for a most absurd/funny administrative decision on an access to information request (“Tied Key”).

The 2014 Right to Know Day Awards Committee will select the winners in the six categories.


Everyone can send a nomination through the special web site: http://www.righttoknowday.net/en.


Furthermore, AIP collects nominations with the help of the AIP coordinators around the country (all of them journalists); and also based on the cases that have been referred to AIP for legal help during the year and the results of the special survey which we perform with regard to active disclosure of public information by the institutions.

The criteria for the awards in the different categories, as well as detailed information on the previous ten RKD Awards Ceremonies held in Bulgaria, can be found on the updated web site: www.righttoknowday.net/en. Pictures, video, and promotional materials can be found on the new web site.

The Right to Know Day campaign in Bulgaria is of national scale. AIP coordinators in the country, who are all journalists, are assisting the media campaign preceding and accompanying the Right to Know Day by publishing and broadcasting in local media.


28 September is the day when the Freedom of Information Advocates Network was established in 2002 in Sofia, Bulgaria. AIP is one of the founders and active member of the FOIAnet.´╗┐´╗┐


The organization and holding of the 2013 Right to Know Day Awards ceremony is possible within the implementation of the project Access to Information Programme – Civil Center for Support of Transparency ´╗┐supported by a grant from the America for Bulgaria Foundation.



28 September – International Right To Know Day
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