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The evaluation criteria for the category "Citizen, who has most actively used the Access to Public Information Act (APIA)" are:

  1. Consistency in the search for information;
  2. Persistency—have all procedures under the APIA been used?;
  3. Public impact.
Mr. Georgi Serbezov, town of Plovdiv
Nominated by: Darina Palova, AIP

Above all his access to information activities, Mr. Serbezov's most worthy contribution is the launch of a web portal which accumulates the Supreme Administrative Court decisions and rulings under the Access to Public Information Act and makes them easy to search.


The web portal http://zdoi.gkzj.org/ currently contains 1,432 decisions and rulings of the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) on Access to Public Information Act (APIA) cases, which is virtually the entire SAC's case law on the subject. The portal has its own search engine which allows for searching by key words and combinations of key words in every document. It also makes the documents visible to Google search engines. The information on the web portal is being updated daily.  


The web portal was launched at the end of March 2013 by Mr. Georgi Serbezov from the Nonprofit Association Civil Control – Animal Protection, town of Plovdiv.


The purpose of the portal is to assist citizens, NGOs, and journalists in their active exercise of the right of access to information when they seek defense of that right in court.


“When you are preparing a court complaint, knowledge of the litigation is of significance. Whenever I had to prepare a complaint against a refusal under the APIA, I have had problems with the Supreme Administrative Court’s search engine. That is why I developed a small program that downloads from the web site of the SAC all court decisions/rulings delivered under the APIA, systematizes them by date and makes them easily searchable,” Serbezov shares about his motivation to launch the web portal.    


The benefits of the web portal are described in Bulgarian at: http://zdoi.gkzj.org/.


Mr. Georgi Serbezov was acknowledged with an Honorary Diploma at the 2011 Right to Know Day Awards Ceremony, organized and held by AIP. He was recognized for actively and consistently filing requests for access to information with the Municipality of Plovdiv and other institutions related to the spending of public money for cats and dogs shelters. Mr. Serbezov has initiated and won on his own court cases against information refusals. 

Mr. Ivan Sapundzhiev, town of Kyustendil
Nominated by: Elitsa Ivanova, AIP coordinator for the region of Kyustendil
Ms. Diana Boncheva, town of Yambol
Nominated by: Dimitar Dimitrov, "DEN"Association
Mr. Dancho Zaverdzhiev, town of Lovech
Nominated by: Pavlin Ivanov, Lovechtoday
28 September – International Right To Know Day
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